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Chill is a role-playing game that captures the feel of 20th-century horror films.[1] Players take on the role of envoys,[2] members of a secret organization known as S.A.V.E. that tracks down and eliminates evil in the world.


Chill is a horror role-playing game inspired by Shelley, Stoker, and Poe, where usual foes are vampires, werewolves, mummies, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls.[3] Players take on the role of envoys,[2] members of a secret organization known as S.A.V.E. that tracks down and eliminates evil in the world.


The game was originally produced by a company called Pacesetter Ltd.[1] Once Pacesetter ceased operations in 1986, Chill was bought in 1990 by Mayfair Games. At Mayfair, the game was published until 1993, when the executives of the company decided to no longer publish RPGs and instead focus on board games.

A total of 23 official modules (adventure packs and rules companions) were released by Chill's publishers between 1984 and 1993. Chill and some modules were translated into Swedish and published under the name Chock between 1985 and 1987 by Target Games.

Several years ago a third edition was announced by OtherWorld Creations[4] but never was released.


Receiving 7 out of 10, the game received a mixed review in issue 61 of White Dwarf magazine. The gameplay was felt to be fairly slow and lacking in scares; furthermore, Chill's significance was lessened as Call of Cthulhu had already paved the way for horror-based role-playing games.[5]


In Chill, S.A.V.E. (Societas Argenti Viae Eternitata, or, The Eternal Society of the Silver Way) is a secret society that is dedicated to protecting innocents from the creatures of the Unknown.[6] Agents of SAVE are called envoys.[1]


Numerous products were published for the first two editions of Chill.

Pacesetter edition

Fear runs down your spine like ice water. Pressing your shoulder more firmly against the door of the rotting cottage, you hope that your strength can prevail against the beast that hunts you. It lurks somewhere outside--waiting and watching. If only someone else had been sent out into the night, into the swamp, to battle this creature. As an envoy of S.A.V.E., it is up to you to prevail against the Unknown.

Chill 1st Edition
Chill Adventures into the Unknown.jpg
Designer Lou Prosperi, Dave Webb, John Wick, Jess Heinig
Publisher Pacesetter Ltd, Mayfair Games
Publication date 1984 (Pacesetter Ltd), 1994 (Mayfair Games)
Genre(s) Horror
System Percentile based (d100)


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Sourcebooks and scenarios


Chill board game

Mayfair edition

Chill 2nd Edition
Chill 2nd Edition.png
Publisher Mayfair Games
Publication date 1994 (Mayfair Games)
Genre(s) Horror
System Percentile based (d100)

In 1990, Mayfair Games inc. purchased the rights to Pacesetter.

In 1991, Mayfair Games published a second edition of the game system as Chill Core Rulebook, and also published 14 (fourteen) sourcebooks for the setting and a collection of short stories until 1993. The game was translated into French by Oriflam in 1994.

In 2012, Mayfair Games sold the intellectual property on to Martin Caron and his wife Renée Dion who still own the rights.


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Sourcebooks and scenarios


Otherworld Creations edition

Chill 3rd Edition
Chill 3rd.jpg
Publisher Otherworld Creations
Publication date 2005 (Otherworld Creations)
Genre(s) Horror
System Percentile based (d100)

Enter a world of terror, where creatures of the Unknown feed on the flesh and spirit of humankind. Join SAVE as they battle this evil throughout the past, present, and future. From the cold nights of Chicago to the misty moors of Scotland, evil roams, and so too shall you.

Chill is a game of investigation and occult detective work, that is flexible enough to include whatever type of horror genre you wish. Brawn and brute force are rarely the answer to your problems, but the careful deployment of violence can often work wonders.

OWC is proud to announce that the 3rd edition of this classic horror game will inlcude an updated timeline, a streamlined system (still compatible with the Mayfair Edition), d20 conversion notes, and best of all, the game will be a full color, 256 page hardback!

Game Summary

Chill: Into the Unknown was intended to be the third edition of the original 1980s game, but aside from an open playtest document and quickstart, was never finished. This edition has no relation to the later Chill Third Edition published by Growling Door Games.

PCs are "envoys" of "SAVE" (the "Societas Argenti Viae Eternitia", Latin for the Eternal Society of the Silver Way), an organization dedicated to fighting the evil supernatural forces lurking behind the facade of the modern world. The system (the Chill Master System) is largely percentile-based, and characters are defined by seven traits (attributes), skills, and qualities (edges are positive, flaws are negative). Characters who meet the prerequisites can also choose disciplines (supernatural powers, "the Art" is used by good practitioners, while "the Evil Way" is used by the Horrors of the Unknown). The "revelations" mechanic is used to progress the story and advance characters.

Game Editions

Notes on This Edition

The playtest went through 24 versions from 2004 to 2007, before stalling. In May 2009, inspired by Arc Dreams and Pagan Publishing's successful use of the "ransom" model to raise the money needed to pay for the Delta Green supplement Targets of Opportunity, OtherWorld Creations started a Fundable protect to raise enough money to print the book and pay development costs. The fundraiser failed, raising only a tiny fraction of the $25,000 goal, and the edition was aborted.


Growling Door Games edition

Chill 3rd Edition
Chill 3rd Edition.jpg
Publisher Growling Door Games
Publication date 2015 (Growling Door Games)
Genre(s) Horror
System Percentile based (d100)


Game tools

Sourcebooks and scenarios



Salt Circle Games

Chill 3rd Edition
Horrors of the Unknown Volume 1 1.jpg
Publisher Salt Circle Games
Publication date 2020 (Salt Circle Games)
Genre(s) Horror
System Percentile based (d100)

Salt Circle Games acquired rights to publish new material for the third edition of Chill and began development of a fourth edition, funding the project through Patreon.





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