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Jess Heinig
Nationality American
Occupation Game designer

Jess Heinig is a game designer.


Jess Heinig is best known as an author and developer for White Wolf He helped produce, as an author and/or developer, numerous Mage: The Ascension titles, including Mage: The Ascension Revised Edition.[1]

Heinig and Jeff Tidball were two designers hired by the Last Unicorn Games RPG division of Decipher Games in the interim between Wizards of the Coast (2000) and Decipher (2001) purchasing Last Unicorn; by January 2004, Heinig and Tidball were the last two employees left at Last Unicorn, and Decipher thus decided to shut down its RPG division and laid off the remaining staff.[2]

John Wick had talked about designing a version of the D20 System with Heinig that threw out levels, classes, alignments, and even hit points, but Wicked Press encountered difficulties that prevented this from happening.[3]:273–274

When Bill Bridges moved back to White Wolf Publishing in 2002, he replaced Heinig as the developer for the revised edition of Mage: The Ascension.[4]

Heinig's Wilderness (2013) for Houses of the Blooded appeared in early 2013.[3]:284 Heinig wrote rules for a series of unusual and "wicked" takes on standard fantasy races for John Wick's Wicked Fantasy articles in Kobold Quarterly.[3]:286[5]

Jess Heinig was also a programmer for Fallout 1.[6]


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