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Chill: Adventures into the Unknown
1st Edition

* Chill: Adventures into the Unknown (box set)

Chill™ Roleplaying Game Boxed Set: Fear runs down your spine like ice water. Pressing your shoulder more firmly against the door of the rotting cottage, you hope theat your strength can prevail against the beast that hunts you. It lurks somewhere outside--waiting and watching. If only someone else had been sent out into the night, into the swamp, to battle this creature. As an envoy of S.A.V.E., it is up to you to prevail against the Unknown.

  • Format: Boxed 9x11x1" game, including 64 page Campaign Book, 32 page manual of Creatures of the Unknown, 16 page mini-adventure, three high impact dice, large color map and playing pieces, and a special introductory rules folder which allows you to begin playing within minutes of opening the box. Stock No. 2001[1]


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Boxed Set
Chill 1st Edition
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Designer Lou Prosperi, Dave Webb, John Wick, Jess Heinig
Publisher Pacesetter Ltd
Publication date 1984 (Pacesetter Ltd)
Genre(s) Horror
System Percentile based (d100)