Timemaster: Miss Him, Miss Him, Miss Him

From Chill

Miss Him, Miss Him, Miss Him.jpg

Something to start off a campaign with a bang, as novice trainee agents are caught up in one of the biggest calamities to threaten Time, with an ingenious system to teach new players how the game works as they play.

Publisher's blurb: "Alarms flash and klaxons sound as every available Time Corps agent rushes to the field. Somehow a full-scale nuclear war has broken out in 1970 and the disruptive Time Wave spawned by that fiery destruction will wipe out the Time Corps in a matter of days unless the cause behind the change in History is found and fixed. Even new recruits like yourself are being rushed through training and being sent to a Time almost 20 years after the bombs stopped falling to find out what happened from the survivors. So you go back, masking your uncertainty as to what to do, to try to find the key. But a lot has changed... from geography, politics, and economics to music, shopping, and computers. What is cause and what is effect."

Book Details: Authors: Donald J. Bingle, Jay Tummelson and Linda M. Bingle Publishers' Reference: ORP3015 ISBN: 1-20000-313-6 Paperback, 40 pages Date: 1990