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Star Ace is a role-playing game published by Pacesetter Ltd in 1984.


Star Ace is a science-fiction system.[1] The rules are simple; most actions are resolved by checking against a single multi-purpose table.[1] Player characters are Star Aces, interstellar outlaws who oppose the Empire.[1] The game includes a rulebook (64 pages), a campaign setting, the "Wilderness Briefing Manual" (32 pages), an introductory scenario "Deuces Wild" (16 pages), a star map, and counters.[1] The game is compatible with Chill and Timemaster.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Star Ace was designed by Mark Acres and Gali Sanchez, and was published by Pacesetter Ltd in 1984 as a boxed set including a 64-page book, a 32-page book, and a 16-page book, a large color map, a cardstock counter sheet, and dice.[1]

Chill, Timemaster, and Star Ace were all built around the same house system and all released by Pacesetter within a year.[2]:197 ---


Lawrence Schick describes the game system as "heavy on the fiction (dramatic role-playing) and light on the science", and suggested that the game was inspired by the Star Wars movies.[1]


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