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Sandman: Map of Halaal is a role-playing game published by Pacesetter Ltd in 1985.


Sandman: Map of Halaal is a system that requires little or no preparation on the part of the GM or players.[1] The game includes an 8-page introduction book, a "Prop Book" (32 pages) of visuals, which makes game situations clear, and the "Adventure Book" (64 pages), which describes four linked scenarios.[1] The content of the scenarios is bizarre, involving magicians, Greek gods, zombie motorcycle gangs, cartoon animals, Captain Hook, Judge Roy Bean, and the cast of the movie Casablanca.[1] The game includes a GM's screen.[1]

Publication history[edit]

Sandman: Map of Halaal was designed by Mark Acres and Andria Hayday, with a cover by David Martin, and was published by Pacesetter Ltd in 1985 as a boxed set including a 64-page book, and a 32-page book, a cardstock screen, a pamphlet, four sheets of cards, and dice.[1]

In 1985, Carl Smith announced that Pacesetter was working on a "totally new concept in gaming", which he called the "instant adventure roleplaying game"; the result was published that summer as Sandman: Map of Halaal (1985).[2]:198

In 2012, Goblinoid Games purchased all rights to Sandman and added it to their new Pacesetter product line. Sandman was released as a PDF.[3]


Lawrence Schick called the game system "Innovative" and remarked that "Sandman's predesigned characters and programmed adventures with integral rules make for sort of a group interactive gamebook."[1]

Gobinoid Games[edit]

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