Don Bingle

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Don Bingle
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Born Donald J. Bingle
c. 1954
Occupation Writer, game designer
Nationality United States
Genre Role-playing games

Donald J. Bingle (born c. 1954) is a Chicago-area attorney and author originally from Naperville.[1]

Role-playing games[edit]

Bingle graduated from the University of Chicago.[1] In the late 1980s, he was the top-ranked player in the Role-Playing Network, while his wife, Linda, was ranked number two.[1] Bingle is most well known for being the top-ranked player in the RPGA for the majority of the 1990s. The Bingles began the company 54°40' Orphyte to publish role-playing books, including two Timemaster adventures, and supported the line with RPGA tournaments for a while.[2] As of the end of 2004, Bingle had played in 500 tournaments using 50 different game systems.[3]

He has also produced a large body of writing, including contributions to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (2nd Edition), and his novel Forced Conversion,[4][5][6] which was released in November 2004 and centers around a futuristic society that has the ability to upload the entire contents of people's minds into virtual worlds.[3]

Don also authored a number of character-provided events for the RPGA, including "Don't Go There" with Saul Resiknoff, and "The Modern Pirate Game" with Tim White.


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